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China's first overseas high-speed rail service will be in Russia

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-03

Over the past decade, the "Made In China" logo has come to the forefront of the world and become the pride of the Chinese people. As a leading enterprise of China construction machinery, zoomlion has put forward a series of global strategic goals. Just at that time, however, a weak engineering machinery field an unprecedented, several of China's main construction machinery giant sany, zoomlion, xugong, etc have different degree of decline in sales, profits fell sharply, to China's construction machinery to speak up, cold winter has already come.
At this time, zoomlion proposed the transformation of a profit model from selling products to selling services. Zoomlion used its pioneering practices to meet existing challenges, but is this really the future trend? Is there another way out for China's manufacturing? A series of questions are waiting to be considered.
For decades, Chinese manufacturing has been marked with cheap, high-quality signs that rarely show up in high-end markets in Europe or the United States, even with a small amount of exports. Perhaps coincidentally, completion, internationalisation and strengthening of technical support are at the heart of the strategic challenge. In fact, from these two heavy machinery manufacturing leading enterprises, more reflects the direction of Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises.
One of the things that got him excited was that an American scholar made a blunt remark when commenting on the "China threat theory". He said that if Chinese companies were not seen in the high-end international market, China would not be a country with core competitiveness. Similarly, if an equipment manufacturer only has a market at home, it is far from being internationally competitive.
The key to the competition of heavy machinery industry lies in the competition of technology. Take metallurgical equipment as an example, the most advanced metallurgical equipment manufacturer in the world is a leading technology company with the total engineering contracting capacity, such as Siemens asteel, ximark group. In the early stage of China's steel industry construction, large-scale metallurgical equipment construction projects are basically undertaken by several large foreign companies, foreign companies assume the overall technical responsibility for the project, and domestic enterprises can only undertake part of the subcontracting, the production value is very low. After entering the 21st century, the technical level of domestic metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry has been rapidly improved, and the professional supporting capacity of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment has been rapidly developed, which greatly enhances the independent complete set capacity of domestic enterprises and gradually replaces some imports.
Look at the economic level of a country, the main thing is to look at the strength of its manufacturing. In recent years, some large domestic manufacturing companies have been making frantic acquisitions of foreign companies. Today zoomlion has acquired CIFA, tomorrow xugong has acquired schweiying, and then sany has acquired puzmeister. Looks like a series of operations in a big way to our country's manufacturing industry to a new level, in fact carefully, these are Europe and the United States had almost eliminated in the industry, our manufacturing is still stay in the big stage, how about we don't have the thinking of innovation, rather than blindly buy this buy that, then integrate resources, quickly put into market, but not a compliment.

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