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Construction machinery: dancing to the wind on the One Belt And One Road blueprint

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

The state council released the guidance on advancing international cooperation in production capacity and equipment manufacturing. The guideline made it clear that developing countries should be taken as key countries, developed markets should be actively explored, and key industries, such as construction machinery, should be classified and implemented in an orderly manner. Some people call it "One Belt And One Road 2.0" version, among which, promoting construction machinery and other manufacturers to perfect the global business network has also become one of the main tasks of the "opinion".
So, in the face of the blanket "One Belt And One Road" news, China's construction machinery enterprises seized how many new opportunities? How many rides did you get?
"" One Belt And One Road" "makes going out more competitive
"Internationalization" is an important step in the development strategy of China's construction machinery enterprises. The key to deal with the "new normal" of China's construction machinery market is to "go out". In this context, the "One Belt And One Road" program has come, becoming the inevitable choice to solve the excess capacity of engineering machinery, acquire resources, and exploit strategic depth. In fact, in recent years, the pace of "going to the sea" of the construction machinery industry has also been accelerating. According to the customs data, China's construction machinery product exports in the past four years were 15.909 million, 18.224 million, 19.53 billion and 197.92 billion dollars respectively, with year-on-year growth of 53.8 percent, 14.48 percent, 1.9 percent and 1.33 percent. Still, the potential for exports is huge. China's exports of construction machinery products are expected to grow to $54 billion by 2020, driven by a combination of the "One Belt And One Road" policy and cost performance.
Xi revealed on boao Asia BBS in 2015 that nearly 60 countries have made clear their support and participation in the construction of One Belt And One Road. More exciting still, a number of major projects along the "" One Belt And One Road" "route have achieved early harvest, involving multiple aspects such as railways, roads, natural gas pipelines and nuclear power construction. In the process of vigorously promoting infrastructure, domestic infrastructure giants are expected to become foreign investors, and construction machinery, as an infrastructure construction tool, will be exported and fully benefited. For example, in southeast Asia, there are china-myanmar railway, china-laos and Thailand railway, Indonesian port and development zone, etc. Central Asia is oriented to the china-gjiwu railway and the second phase of china-tajikistan highway, and these regions are the hot spots for export of Chinese construction machinery enterprises such as sany heavy industry and liugong.
So, in the face of these opportunities, China's construction machinery enterprises and what are the surprised?
Xugong: using "One Belt And One Road" to cast "great power weight"
2015, xugong the "area" strategy is paying more attention to, xugong group chairman wang as a "salesman" strongest xugong had head by xugong Liu Jiansen President assistant, import and export company general manager, deputy general manager Mr QiHong, west Asia north Africa regional guang-yi tang, general manager and the relevant national sales manager of xugong high-level delegation visit to the Middle East, to carry out the product promotion and customer negotiation activities. Ten days in the Middle East trip successful, respectively signed with agents and customers thousands of equipment procurement, covering the hoisting machinery, scraper machinery, road machinery, mining machinery, concrete machinery xugong all products, was worth more than 400 million yuan, xugong to provide clients with specialized construction plan of the advantage again.

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