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Qi jun, President of China construction machinery industry association, attended CMIIC2015 news

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

CMIIC 2015 launch press conference and huisong construction machinery network January to April e-commerce trading index conference was held in Beijing jingyi hotel. China construction machinery industry association President qi jun attended the conference and addressed the conference. Distinguished guests: good afternoon, everyone! It gives me great pleasure to attend the press conference on the launch of CMIIC2015 China construction machinery industry Internet conference and the January to April trading index conference. First of all, on behalf of China construction machinery industry association, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the launch ceremony. At present, China's economy has entered the new normal, and the downward pressure on the economy has increased. After the rapid development of the construction machinery industry in previous years, the market overdraft is serious, resulting in huge production and marketing contradictions. After several years of low operation in the industry, the market competition is more intense, the business operation is more difficult, and the risks in some areas are gradually increasing. However, this year, with the driving force of government-led policies like One Belt And One Road and aiib and the continuous investment in infrastructure, as well as the gradual implementation of strategies like "going global" and "Internet plus", there is still room for the rise of the construction machinery market and enterprises have pressure and opportunities. Today, the second China construction machinery industry Internet conference is launched again under the guidance of China construction machinery industry association, which will benefit the whole industry of construction machinery. In the past, the Internet prevailed, encroaching on the market of traditional industries and forming a huge impact on traditional industries. Now that the era of Internet plus has officially arrived, premier li keqiang proposed the "Internet plus" action plan for the first time in this year's government report. As a new economic form, it will definitely affect the engineering machinery industry. It is imperative that we deeply integrate the innovation achievements of the Internet into all fields of the industry, improve the innovation and productivity of the engineering machinery enterprises, and form a new competitive force of the enterprise. Therefore, "Internet +" is still an opportunity and challenge for construction machinery. As an opportunity, it will provide new business model, even development opportunity and space for construction machinery. As a challenge, engineering machinery, as a traditional industry, how to transform the thinking and combine with the Internet to become the thinking object of every engineering machinery practitioner. In this context, CMIIC2015 China construction machinery Internet conference was born out of operation, which is bound to be a blessing for the industry. I hope that CMIIC China construction machinery Internet conference can help our enterprises open the "Internet +" thinking mode, promote the deep integration of the Internet with our industrial enterprises, and quickly transform by taking advantage of the situation. In addition, efforts should be made to use the Internet to activate traditional manufacturing and enhance industrial value and creativity. Here, the engineering machinery industry will give full support and guidance to the CMIIC China construction machinery Internet conference to jointly promote the development and progress of the industry. This year, the country's One Belt And One Road and other strategies have been formally unveiled, and infrastructure measures have been continuously increased, so positive policies have been widely spread. I believe that the engineering machinery industry, along with the wind of the policy, will take advantage of the situation and advance courageously in the era of Internet +. The ups and downs of the industry are the laws of the market. We obey the rules, so in the peak not proud and impetuous, in the trough is determined to be strong. With the country's economic transformation, the construction machinery industry can not be left alone, to transform and upgrade as soon as possible. Dear colleagues in the industry, in the future full of challenges, opportunities and hopes, all industry practitioners should take responsibilities and meet challenges with the determination of reform and the ambition of self-transformation. Under the guidance of "Internet +" mode of thinking, a more wonderful voyage should be started! Under the banner of change, let us gather and climb to new heights again, and create a new and vigorous new future!

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