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China electronics show equipment exhibition area grows with

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

In 2012, due to the slow global economic recovery and worsening European debt crisis, the export market began to decline. Many industries, such as semiconductor equipment, photovoltaic production equipment, fans, FPD production equipment, and engineering machinery, industrial furnaces and machine tools, all experienced negative growth in 2012 due to overcapacity, domestic macroeconomic regulation and sluggish export market. As China's economy begins to slow and related equipment manufacturers start to suffer, Chinese equipment makers have to look more to the domestic market.  

However, some industries related to people's livelihood, such as electronics and electronic equipment and packaging machinery, still maintain a good growth trend. Equipment manufacturers in these industries will continue to rely on the domestic market, but how to explore new growth areas will be a strategic consideration for equipment manufacturers. Energy saving and emission reduction, reduction of pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction, promotion of industrial upgrading, and independent innovation -- the development trend of various industries makes automation and intelligence become the new industrial direction.

As a professional electronic exhibition, China electronics fair pays attention to the growth and development of enterprises from the perspective of the exhibition. With its own advantages, it not only builds a marketing platform for enterprise promotion and publicity, but also establishes a variety of communication channels for enterprises. The exhibition area of China electronics exhibition includes production equipment of electronic components and electromechanical components. Integrated circuits and semiconductor discrete devices, optoelectronic devices, LED production equipment; Climatic environment simulation, mechanical and reliability test equipment; Electronic assembly equipment, electronic general equipment, etc. On the basis of the equipment exhibition area, it also subdivided the line harness equipment exhibition area and the laser equipment exhibition area, and attracted well-known enterprises in the industry. There are many enterprises that have participated in the exhibition for more than 10 years in a row. The China electronics show has also experienced the scale of these enterprises from small to large. Through technological innovation and quality brand building, they have gained international competitiveness and their products are sold overseas.

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