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The main factors influencing the price trend of rotary drill pipe

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

The slowdown in investment growth shows, to some extent, that the consolidation of the steel industry, structural adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and other work is gradually advancing. The steel industry performs well in terms of capital utilization efficiency. Looking forward to the future, the main factors affecting the trend of rotary drill pipe will come from four aspects:
One is the price of major raw materials, especially iron ore.
Second, the intensity of energy conservation and emission reduction this year;
Third, the construction schedule of affordable housing;
Four is the impact of global steel prices.
Given the current market situation, the factors most likely to play a role in the first place are electricity rationing. According to state grid, this year's electricity peak is earlier than usual.
When Banks raise interest rates or increase the reserve and reserve ratio, it is already a fact that the capital cost of steel enterprises and traders increases. Once money is tight in the market, merchants will increase their willingness to cash out at a low price, and the periodic price correction of drill pipe will become normal.
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