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Maintenance of labelling machine equipment

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

When the equipment of labelling machine fails during the startup and labeling, how should we deal with it correctly so that problems can be solved quickly and effectively without affecting work efficiency? The label machine design engineer provides us with some solutions, hoping to help you.

Stop the machine immediately when there is abnormal noise. When the lubrication of the rotating shaft of labelling machine does not meet the rotation requirements, add lubricating oil; The equipment is affected by the working environment. Check the surface of the equipment for watermarks or other liquids.

In case of irregular bar code, abnormal marking, or missing mark, please stop the machine immediately.
Check the operating system to see if the parameter setting is wrong, whether there are impurities on the surface of the label rotating shaft, and whether the label is damaged.
Of course, equipment maintenance and testing involve much more than that. To use the equipment correctly and locally, you should also know the working principle, operating environment, matters needing attention, etc.

The attachment function of the automatic labeling machine is powerful. The single label and double label marking function can be switched at will. The distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly.

First, keep the attached parts of the automatic labeling machine clean. Water surface damage is caused by careless use. After use, it should be dried and keep the surface clean and dry.
Second, metal guide rail, hinge, hinge, etc. should be lubricated regularly to keep the lubrication light. Avoid hitting or scraping the surface of hardware accessories with hard objects to avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, brine and other characteristics.
Third, there are serious stains or scratches on the surface. For fireworks burns, fine sandpaper (400-500) can be used to lightly rub the surface, and then use the refined cloth.
Fourth, do not use sharp, hard objects to scrape the surface, wet cloth scrubbing or wet cloth dip in the neutral detergent or detergent treatment, should be wiped clean dry water.
Fifth, do not put the high-temperature cup or other high-temperature items directly on furniture hardware (glass, stainless steel, metal handle, etc.). , should use foot rest, heat insulation mat. To avoid surface discoloration or foaming.
The above is about the use and maintenance of the parts of the automatic labeling machine

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