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Touch screen technology is ubiquitous fingerprint locks are more marketable

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

Touch screen technology seems to occupy the main field of electronic products unconsciously. It can be seen everywhere from mobile phone, computer, digital camera, smart TV, GPS system and medical monitoring equipment. Touch screen technology is ubiquitous.
When touch screen technology is popular in the field of electronic products, its heat wave also extends to the field of fingerprint lock, and has gained ground in the field of fingerprint lock, and successfully overturned the key fingerprint lock, becoming the favorite in the field of fingerprint lock. According to rough statistics, nearly 70% of the locks sold in the fingerprint lock market have adopted touch technology, especially the new products, almost 100%.
This year's annual sales of several large enterprises of the fingerprint lock all adopted the technology, as a result of the star you "popular samsung SHS - P718, because of Hollywood blockbuster" mechanics "puts glorious greatly in the fingerprint lock industry giant digi is breath sold with a touch screen function four new products, to push the touch-screen fingerprint lock to a certain height.
Compared with mechanical buttons, touch screen is more intelligent and convenient. As long as you touch it with your fingers, you can achieve various operations, which is more in line with modern usage. In addition, touch screen makes overall design more beautiful and harmonious, can highlight fingerprint lock "tall up" temperament more, with its high-grade intelligent product image more consistent.
Multiple distributors of fingerprint lock brands told reporters that in the face of fingerprint lock with similar functions and appearance, consumers of fingerprint lock are more likely to pay high prices for touch screen fingerprint locks. Experts said that in addition to functional advantages, touch screen fingerprint lock can better satisfy consumers' curiosity and desire for novelty. In the process of using touch screen technology, consumers can experience the intelligence, convenience and technology of fingerprint lock, and show their personal charm of life, so they are more willing to pay for it.
A reporter looked at a number of e-commerce sales platforms such as Tmall, taobao, jingdong and others, and found that several fingerprint locks with large sales volume all have touch screen function, and the overall sales of yaoyao is ahead of key fingerprint locks. For example, the new product #6600-92 updated version released by tigeer this year, the monthly online sales volume has reached three figures, and the sales volume of single piece even exceeds the sales volume of the key fingerprint lock.
Industry personage expresses, key fingerprint lock already did not accord with the usage habit of modern people, be replaced by touch screen fingerprint lock is inevitable, anticipate about 3 years, key fingerprint lock will lose its market, be like current smartphone and key mobile phone.

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