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With the arrival of "made in China 2025", the strong attack of the semiconductor industry

Source :Chang ding Click :Date:2018-07-11

The plan of "made in China 2025", praised as China's version of "industry 4.0", finally surfaced. The state level deployed to comprehensively promote the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power, focusing on green upgrading of the manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation, and proposed to become a manufacturing power by 2025. In today at the 13th China international semiconductor exposition and peak BBS (ICChina2015) news release, China semiconductor industry association executive vice President and secretary general Xu Xiaotian, Chen Wenhai, deputy general manager of China electronics corporation, Shanghai integrated circuit industry association secretary-general Jiang Shoulei industry leaders attended a grand, such as hot made under 2025 China semiconductor industry developing new opportunities and new future. Activities during the same period the organizers invited Broadcom, ATMEL, Amkor, honeywell, DE technology, dow chemical, huada LiWei electronic semiconductor, China, cicc, topology industry research institute and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, analysis of the company, investment company nearly a guest, the xinhua news agency, China news agency, newspaper wen wei Po, sina, set net, semiconductor technology, China's integrated circuit industry such as media to participate in this activity, and many of the movements of the semiconductor industry data and exhibition 2015 hot spots in the conference disclosed for the first time.

"Made in China 2025" takes a more detailed layout of ten fields, among which the new generation of information technology industry includes integrated circuits and special equipment, information and communication equipment, operating system and industrial software, with nearly ten small categories. The "made in China 2025" released this time points out that the global manufacturing pattern is facing a major adjustment. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry is triggering profound industrial changes and forming new modes of production, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points. The rapid rise of emerging electronics, its high growth and huge potential attracted many enterprises to fight through this road. Xu xiaotian, executive vice President and secretary general of China semiconductor industry association, said, "among the many emerging sub-industries in the electronics industry, integrated circuits, beidou industry, sensors, smart home and LED are expected to stand out in this round of upgrading and transformation. China's semiconductor industry faces unprecedented development opportunities from the previous hundred billion yuan support plan to the recent made in China 2025. Only by seizing this window of time can we redefine the global market pattern. Throughout 2015, industrial structure, the core technology of integrated circuits nodes were breached, in succession such as tsu (the exhibitors: 5 b059), smic LiWei (the exhibitors: 5 b103), China electronics (the exhibitors: 5 b106) are in active layout 14 nm technology platform, and will be fully displayed during the exhibition platform development and technology roadmap, adumbrative 14 nm process chip will officially enter the market; Wuhan xinxin (exhibitor: 5A087) has signed a contract with American aviso semiconductor co., ltd. to jointly develop and produce 3D NAND, becoming the first domestic enterprise to enter this field. Secondly, all the brilliant achievements in the electronic terminal market come from the competition in the core chip manufacturers. IC design is ready to compete in the international market. Representative enterprise: mediatek (exhibitor: 5A022) recently officially announced the new processor brand Helio, and some heavyweight products have turned high-end. Spreadtrum communications (exhibitors: 5A029) held a press conference to launch the entry-level 4G chip SC9830A and the entry-level smartphone product SC7731G. The two chips have been adopted by the world's leading brand companies. NXP (exhibitor 5A032) also announced recently that samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, USES NXP's security component SmartMX (P61) for mobile payment solutions. Third, consumer electronics pull advanced packaging fast layout, a lot of sealed testing plants to speed up the progress of advanced packaging layout. Long telegram technology (the exhibitors: 5 c025) to establish joint venture with smic has 12 inches Bumping and testing capability of the joint venture company of form a complete set, nantong Fujitsu microelectronics co., LTD. (the exhibitors: 5 c155) recently announced the first 12 inches 28 nm advanced encapsulation testing successful production of the process line, hua tian technology (the exhibitors: 5 a089) was also recently announced plans to raise 2 billion capacity expansion of advanced packaging test, indicates the future advanced packaging will be driving the key drivers of Moore's law.

Integrated circuits are the foundation of manufacturing industry, especially information technology security. However, China's integrated circuit industry started late, with weak continuous innovation capacity of enterprises such as integrated circuit design and manufacturing, and a large number of imports for lack of core technologies, which is significantly different from the international advanced level. From the perspective of national security, China's information security can be effectively guaranteed only if the localization of the underlying integrated circuit is realized. Therefore, in "made in China 2025" issued by the state council, integrated circuits will be the top priority in developing the new generation of information technology industry. With the advent of the golden period of the development of China's semiconductor industry, the scale of key enterprises has maintained rapid growth: Hays has been China's largest Fabless manufacturer since 2012. Unisplendour group has also become a giant of domestic IC enterprises after it acquired the shares of spreadtrum communications (exhibitor 5A029) and ruedico. At the end of 2014, changdian technology (exhibitor: 5C025) acquired the fourth largest semiconductor packaging testing company in the world, Singapore xingke jinpeng, and is expected to enter the top five in the packaging industry. China electronics newly established bda semiconductor co., LTD. Becomes its controlling shareholder, which further implements the strategic cooperation between China electronics and Shanghai and speeds up the transformation and upgrading development of China's electronic integrated circuit industry. Shanghai integrated circuit industry association secretary-general Jiang Shoulei said, "Yangtze river delta is one of China's integrated circuit three centers, and Shanghai has a large proportion of contract and design company, the integrated circuit industry should seize the industrial support opportunities, the rapid integration of resources to form a number of leading enterprise clusters, actively explore the international market. For example, the splendid appearance of both unisplendour group and bhda semiconductor symbolizes the acceleration of integration of domestic integrated circuit business.

According to the statistics of China semiconductor industry association, the sales revenue of China's integrated circuit industry reached 301.54 billion yuan in 2014, up 20.2% year on year, and the growth rate increased by 4 percentage points compared with that of 2013. With the growing strength of China's IC enterprises, 2014 has become the first year of integration of China's semiconductor industry and is expected to redefine the global industrial pattern. Promoting the development of the integrated circuit industry will play a role in national security, independent innovation and economic upgrading and transformation.

The "ICChina2015", an unprecedented gathering of the electronic information industry, will be held in the same place as the 86th China electronics show and the 2015 Asia electronics show during the same period, forming the interaction of the whole electronic information industry chain. It is expected that there will be 50,000 professional buyers. ICChina2015 focuses on the latest achievements of IC applications in the Internet of things, cloud computing, wearable electronics, automobile electronics, medical electronics and portable consumer electronics. Complete system enterprises, distributors, distributors and semiconductor enterprises gather together to seek common development. Chen Wenhai China electronics corporation deputy general manager, said "the ICChina exhibition will close to the industry development trend and hotspot application area, with" application driven, rapid development "as the theme, invited from design, manufacture, testing, materials, equipment, and other fields of excellent semiconductor companies at home and abroad, visit the exposition, and elaborate organization al sensing, wisdom city, automotive electronics, medical electronics, wearable emerging industries such as electronics and mobile terminal display and related topics BBS activities, promote" system applications - - special equipment, semiconductor material "the development of the whole industry chain."

In addition, more than 50 state-level authoritative media, local media, professional media and other media will be gathered during this period to deeply report the exhibition and arouse media attention. At that time, a number of leading complete machine, design, manufacturing enterprise executives, as well as industry policy leaders will appear in turn, discussing with the platform technology development trend and the implementation of policy rules and other hot topics, please visit!

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