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The basic concept: people-oriented, the pursuit of personal and social values of the common development of enterprises
Customer satisfaction: found that customer demand, brings to the customer value, respect and care about customers
Respect the individual: an open and honest communication, always fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support, to accept different things
Team work: support for the team work spirit, support for other team members
A feeling: a common vision and goal, sense of responsibility, is determined to fight for victory
Knowledge sharing: a positive knowledge sharing, independently to collect new knowledge
Continuous learning, innovation and courage, support the development, tolerate failure, never complacent, be humble and open mind
Our commitment
The dawn of the new century gives us vigorous upward spirit, innovative personality and enterprising courage.
We firmly believe that only constant innovation of enterprises can be in an impregnable position in the new competitive environment, we all business activities should be to create economic benefits, influence and by the people for the enterprise to bring the improvement of the quality of life; All as we should have a positive impact; We will deal with all kinds of relations, honest and responsible for their actions.
For society, we are committed to:
Comply with national laws and regulations, honest operation
Respect the personal dignity and rights
Handle various relations in line with the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit, win the trust of others and willing to deal with us
Strive for new thinking and new creativity to win new customers
Efforts to improve financial performance, maximize shareholders' long-term interests
For the staff, we are committed to:
Build a mutual trust and respect, care, encourage to participate in the work environment, to make every employee:
Understand the company requirements for their jobs
To assess the performance of their open constructive debate
In the culture of innovation, can improve the ability of each employee, and can get self development within the company.
Individual performance promised and get competitive returns
Can have the opportunity to express opinions and contribute to improve the collective performance
Get a fair treatment, without discrimination

Changding Electronics :The company has an experienced team specialized in R&D, production and after-sales services. The company is committed to the design concept of developing products that are high-end, high-speed, practical and convenient to customers, and is specialized in the development and production of high-end integrated machines.

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